Flag Fen outing

On March 22nd 3 young people from NACRO education centre who have been part of the Ptown Bay project were taken to a local Bronze age site, ‘Flag Fen’, a green space enriched with local artefacts, wildlife, and animals. The trip involved exploring the space in a reflective and mindful manner. 

Discussions were shared around their present experience with the space and consideration for what life might have looked like 1000 years ago, recognising how resourcing and lifestyle has changed. This discussion was deepened inside a bronze age Yurt (hut). Conversations were had around previous living conditions in that space, including food, water, shelter quality and resources. 

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Millfield MMXXX

On Saturday August the 6th Ptown Bay MMXXX was demonstrated and discovered at the vibrant Millfield Festival, Peterborough. Hundreds of people of all ages explored the game’s futuristic map which represented the science led, life changing predictions of Peterborough in 2030.  

Many marvelled at the elements of the game with most admiring the carefully crafted markers in the shape of car hood ornaments which lead your navigation through the map’s roads. Some were entertained by the familiarity of the shops and building on the map, noting their experiences there. However, all were in disbelief at the extent of the geographic change expected in Peterborough. 

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